Hướng dẫn nhận tiền Trx app kiếm tiền 2022 #kiếmtiềnonline

Hướng dẫn nhận tiền Trx app kiếm tiền 2022 #kiếmtiềnonline
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The best investment product of 2022, register 5000trx as a gift, 6% every day, you can get stable income at home.
The user logs in every day, clicks on the transaction, and gets 6% of the daily mining revenue
Fixed inv estment, withdraw the principal plus interest at maturity
1 day 5% 100
7 days 3.16% 1000-5000
13 days 3.31% 5200-10000
23 days 3.62% minimum 10000
62 days 5.83% minimum 15000
83 days 7.2% minimum 20000
180 days 8.6% minimum 20000
360 days 13% minimum 20000
Recommend recharge to get rich rewards:
Rewards for recommending new users: 10% for first-level users, 5% for second-level users, and 2% for third-level users.

You invite user A to deposit 1000TRX and get 100TRX
A invites B
B recharge and invest 1000TRX to get 50TRX
B invites C
C deposits 1000TRX and gets 20TRX. Note: The inviter needs to recharge the investment

Investment income ratio:
Deposit 1000TRX, the investment period: 1 day, the daily interest rate is 2%, the daily income is 20TRX, the total return after the principal plus the maturity: 1020TRX
By analogy, the fixed investment period can be selected by yourself

[TRONTRX.CO official platform, beginners only need to deposit their own TRX and other funds into the platform, and then the platform will automatically help you participate in mining, the income can be withdrawn to your account every day, the highest income is 2-13%. Share on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok… Get up to 20% bonus.

Nguồn: https://kienthucdulich.vn/

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