Marvel's Avengers Game | Spider-Man PS4 Exclusive Confirmed | XBOX Fans Are Upset

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Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man. What’s up guys? RBG here bringing you another update on Marvel’s Avengers. And yesterday we got an awesome or should I say spectacular announcement. Spider-Man has been officially confirmed for Marvel’s Avengers. And fans are going crazy about it. Some are absolutely happy about this news, while others are displeased with the fact that the web-head will be exclusive to the PS4 & 5 versions of the game. This is a big deal and we have a lot to go over so stay tuned! But anyways guys as I mentioned our boy Spidey will be appearing in Marvel’s Avengers. Yesterday morning Playstation took their official twitter handle to announce this awesome news. Saying and I quote Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man comes to Marvel’s Avengers, exclusively on PlayStation. Crystal Dynamics offers early details on its own, unique take on the post-launch Hero. Now originally this information was revealed via a UK retailer called after a PS4 listing for Marvel’s Avengers specified that Spider-Man would be an exclusive character of the Sony version of the game. And later that information was removed from the product page after the spokesperson of the company stated that it was nothing more than a error. They mentioned that the particular line in question had been on the promotion since E3 June 2019 back when Marvel’s Avengers was revealed.

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Author: RandomBlackGamer

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