Play Doh Cars Hide and Seek Game & Play with Toy Cars! Best Learning Video for Kids!

Subscribe to #FluffyJetToys Play-Doh Cars Guess Who’s Hiding! Would you like to play a Cars guessing game? Can you guess the 5 mystery Disney Cars? Practice learning how to guess while the Cars play hide n seek & take turns racing down Cookie Monster’s Sesame Street race track! How many Cars did you guess correctly? After we finish playing the hide ‘n’ seek guessing game there is extra car racing playtime! Play-Doh Cars mystery guess who’s hiding video outro by Pocoyo. Learning fun with Disney Cars and Play-Doh! Always remember children, Cars are for racing & not for eating (especially you Cookie Monster!) 😛 Have an Eggcellent Easter & a Merry Christmas 🙂

Watch our Super Play Doh Surprise Eggs Playlist HERE:

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Author: Fluffy Jet Toys

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