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2022 latest trx cloud mining registration to get 5000trx (limited number, first come first served)
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Tier 1 is 13%, Tier 2 is 5%, and Tier 3 is 2%.
Registration reward: [5000TRX]
Cumulative deposit【5-30000 TRX】minimum daily income 5.5%
Cumulative deposit【30001-100000 TRX】minimum daily income 6%
Cumulative deposit【100001-200000 TRX】minimum daily income 7%
Cumulative deposit【200001-500001 TRX】minimum daily income 7.5%
Cumulative deposit【500001-1000000 TRX】minimum daily income 8%
Cumulative deposit more than [1000001TRX] minimum daily income 9%

If the inviter successfully registers, taking A, B, and C as an example, A gets 30 TRX, B gets 20 TRX, and C gets 10 TRX. If your friend A invests directly, you will get 13% of A, 5% of B and 2% of C. These rewards will be integrated into your promotional account. All TRX in the promotion account can be withdrawn on the same day. Our miners can only withdraw coins once a day


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